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A Korean wedding is symbolic of more than just the union of two people. The marriage represents two families coming together as one. As a result, parents from both families take active participation in many aspects of the wedding. Parents wear special attire, give and receive special gifts, and provide many blessings to the bride and groom throughout the festivities. 


Korean wedding is a colorful and traditional affair, and though Western conventions have made inroads into Korean weddings in recent decades, several elements of ancient Korean nuptial traditions still occur at most ceremonies. Korean couples planning their own celebrations today often still include traditional practices like symbolic rites, gift-giving, bowing, and vows.

Korean Tradition 1st Birthday Party


Long has been the Korean tradition to celebrate a baby’s first birthday in the form of a grand ceremony, called Doljanchi (1st Birthday Party).

The primary purpose of the ceremony is to bless the child with a prosperous future and a healthy life ahead.

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