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Family is the foundation of human life.
Where there are human beings, a family is formed.
Within a family, starting with the relationship between husband and wife, other relationships naturally develop, such as between parents and children, between siblings and other relatives.
At The Grace, we aspire to stand by you as you embark on this journey of family-building.

Experience Korean Culture with The Grace

The Grace introduces Korean culture through elegance of traditional Korean wedding ceremony, the sacred Pyebaek ritual, and the heartwarming Doljanchi tradition, celebrating the first birthday of your precious child. Through these cherished events, we aim to unite people and contributes to the celebration of your special day.



  • Reverence for Korean Culture: We hold a deep respect for Korean culture and its inherent beauty.
  •  Traditional Wedding Culture: Our dedication lies in introducing you to the richness of Korea’s traditional wedding culture.
  • Heartwarming Celebrations: Our commitment is to gift you unforgettable, heartwarming days, enriched by the depth of Korean customs and culinary delights.
  • Captivating “Meot” and “Mat”of Korea:We eagerly invite the younger generation to discover the captivating "Meot" (taste) and "Mat" (style) of Korea, making your special day both meaningful and memorable.
  • Discover Korean Beauty: Our mission is to introduce you to the true essence of Korean culture and immerse you in fresh, unforgettable experiences.

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